International Diving Center

The Sharm Scuba Service Team will entertain you offering the best diving in Sharm El Sheikh and will make you discover every Red Sea secret!
Have fun and enjoy our exclusive services on our boat NAUSICAA, which has been designed to give the best comfort to the divers and snorkellers.


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Offer 5 Full Days on Boat / 10 Dives for all divers’ level only 200€ for the whole 2017

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Offer Details

10 Dives & Hotel Accommodation till 31 October 2017

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We offer Diving Packages for Divers, Course from Open Water Diver to Instructor Level and Technical Courses to Trimix Diver Level.
Every Dive is supervised by the expert guide of our Instructors with a maximum od 6 Divers per Instructor.
For those who wish a new experience, DPV (diver propulsion vehicles) are available at the Diving Center and our Instructors will be happy to teach you how to use them and have great new emotions!

 Grazie a tutti voi per aver dato la vostra opinione su di noi e sul nostro centro! Ancora una volta ci è stato riconosciuto il certificato di eccellenza e come diciamo sempre... Saremo strani noi! Sharm Scuba Service - Sprindiving #CertificateofExcellence #tripadvisor #sharmscubaservice #sharmelsheikh #diving

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The SeaSoul Family has joined the Sharm Scuba Service to continue to entertain you under water … Claudia and Miky await you!

Gabriele, Alessandro, Barbara, Max, Claudia, Miky and all the Sharm Scuba Service Team will welcome you in the most nice and professional way like it has always been in this Diving Center over the years and will make you discover all the Red Sea’s beauty.
While enjoying the journey on M/Y NAUSICAA you will have the opportunity to taste some real Italian coffee and some wonderful Italian pasta!



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