The Canyon – Dahab

This Dahab dive sites is located at 6 Km north from the little town.

The dive site offers an easy access from the beach, dahab dive sites the canyon sharmscubaservicecrossing the lagoon just after few minutes around a depth of 15 metres we will find the entrance of The Canyon.

The Canyon is one of the most beautiful Dahab dive sites, as this is a real Canyon offering easy access to recreational divers.

Inside The Canyon, lights and bubbles are playing together, making this dive unforgettable. Glass Fish and Lion Fish are swimming all around the canyon walls.

Current is generally absent, this allow divers to enjoy the dive site in full.

The Canyon is a dive site recommended to all advanced divers and absolutely not to miss for technical divers.

The Blue Hole – Dahab

The Blue Hole is a dive site famous for free diving training and is located just 2 Km north from the The Canyon area.dahab dive sites blue hole

The Blue Hole is one of the Dahab dive sites most recommended to technical divers (trimix dives) due to the fact that the most interesting part of this dive spot is at approximately 60 metres depth where an underwater ”Arch” connect the dive site to the open sea.

The passage is 26 metres long and is subject to strong currents, due to this conditions we plan and suggest this dive site only to technical divers.

The Bells – Dahab

Few metres after the Blue Hole we find The Bells, another Dahab dive sites with easy access.dahab dive sites the bells

Entering from a litte crack directly from the beach, the dive site continue till the depth of 25 metres, where an ”Arch” full of marine life is accessible to all advanced divers.

This Dahab dive sites has many cracks and lots of soft corals which makes this diving spot unique and considered the beast Dahab dive sites.

Current offers easy conditions and ends on the Blue Hole saddle, where our safety stop takes place with an easy exit from the water.

Information: Diving trip to Dahab dive sites is subject to 50 Euro supplement, beduin lunch is available at just 10 Euro (drinks are included)

  • We do require any diver to complete at least a shore dive or a Local boat dive before to enjoy Dahab dive sites, this is to check air consumption and buoyancy control as above dive sites are overhead environment.