Tiran’s Strait


Straits of TiranExactly in this location between Tiran Island and the north coast of Sharm El Sheikh that we have the best dive sites of this area. The sea morphology gave to divers the opportunity to discover four breathtaking dive sites all different from each other as for colours, morphology and marine life.

GORDON REEF – Straits of Tiran South Reef

This is the only dive site in the Straits of Tiran where we can find a sandy bottom area in just few metres which is suitable also for Snorkelling activity. In the south part this dive site is surrounded by a sandy plateau which has a depth between 3 and 20-22 metres.

Continuing with the dive you will reach an amazing vertical wall where Green Turtles and Pelagic Fish such as White Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Sharks can be easily spotted. Straits of Tiran Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef dive site is distinguished by ”Louilla wreck”, which sunk there at the beginning of the 90’s; the whole front part is completely out of the water and the remaining part of the vessel is facing the open sea.

Gordon Reef is a dive site suitable for all divers with different certification levels, is one of the most popular dive site in Sharm El Sheikh for underwater photography as current and visibility conditions are pretty much excellent all year round.


Thomas Reef dive site is the second reef in the Straits of Tiran. Famous for its Canyon is a dive spot completely different from the others and is located between Gordon and Woodhouse. Thomas Reef is the smallest one but absolutely the most interesting dive spot as is rich in marine life. Current in this dive site can be sometimes very strong with unpredictable changes in the direction.Thomas Reef Tiran

This dive is usually completed as Drift Dive and by gently descending against the reef you will encounter a great marine life which is tipical of this dive spot; Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Giant MoreyPuffer Fish,  multicolor Soft Corals and many Branching Corals.

Straits of Tiran turtleThe ‘pearl’ of this dive site in Straits of Tiran are the famous ‘Three Thomas Arches’. The first one starts at approximately 35 metres depth and the last one is located around 90 metres. This specific dive site in Straits of Tiran is reccomended to all Deep Divers and Technical divers.


Woodhouse dive site is located between Thomas Reef and Jackson Reef, with a long narrow shape, this is one of the dive you can’t miss during your diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.Straits of Tiran Woodhouse Reef

Colored walls are covered of Soft Corals, Clown Fish and for the divers interested in small marine life, Nudibranchs are frenquently spotted.

A strategic dive site famous for great passage of Pelagic Fish such us Hammerhead Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Giant Tunas, and Eagle Rays. Current is generally gentle, this gives to divers the opportunity to enjoy the dive site in full.

JACKSON REEF – Straits of Tiran North Reef

Jackson Reef dive site is located on the north part of The Straits of Tiran. The North side of the reef can be easily recognized by ‘Lara wreck’ that sunk at the beginning of the 80’s; what is left today is just a metal frame on the top of the dive site, where the entire boat is leaning against the reef at 70 metres depth.Straits of Tiran Jackson Reef

Jackson Reef is the most famous diving spot in the Straits of Tiran with a spectacular underwater garden in the internal side and a great dive in the blue in the outside part of the reef, where groups of Hammerhead Sharks, Mantas and Giant Tunas can be spotted during the Summer season.

Straits of Tiran Hammerhead sharkCurrent in Jackson Reef is quite variable especially at the end of the Garden, visibility is very good all year round also in the external part of the dive site where the dive in the blue takes part.
Jackson Reef dive site is one of the 10 dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh absolutely not to miss during your diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.