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This Dahab dive sites is located at 6 Km north from the little town.
The dive site offers an easy access from the beach, crossing the lagoon just after few minutes around a depth of 15 metres we will find the entrance of The Canyon.The Canyon is one of the most beautiful Dahab dive sites, as this is a real Canyon offering easy access to recreational divers.Inside The Canyon, lights and bubbles are playing together, making this dive unforgettable. Glass Fish and Lion Fish are swimming all around the canyon walls.Current is generally absent, this allow divers to enjoy the dive site in full.The Canyon is a dive site recommended to all advanced divers and absolutely not to miss for technical divers.

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a dive site famous for free diving training and is located just 2 Km north from the The Canyon area.The Blue Hole is one of the Dahab dive sites most recommended to technical divers (trimix dives) due to the fact that the most interesting part of this dive spot is at approximately 60 metres depth where an underwater ”Arch” connect the dive site to the open sea.The passage is 26 metres long and is subject to strong currents, due to this conditions we plan and suggest this dive site only to technical divers.


Few metres after the Blue Hole we find The Bells, another Dahab dive sites with easy access.Entering from a litte crack directly from the beach, the dive site continue till the depth of 25 metres, where an ”Arch” full of marine life is accessible to all advanced divers.This Dahab dive sites has many cracks and lots of soft corals which makes this diving spot unique and considered the beast Dahab dive sites.Current offers easy conditions and ends on the Blue Hole saddle, where our safety stop takes place with an easy exit from the water.


Woodhouse dive site is located between Thomas Reef and Jackson Reef, with a long narrow shape, this is one of the dive you can’t miss during your diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.Colored walls are covered of Soft Corals, Clown Fish and for the divers interested in small marine life, Nudibranchs are frenquently spotted.A strategic dive site famous for great passage of Pelagic Fish such us Hammerhead Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Giant Tunas, and Eagle Rays. Current is generally gentle, this gives to divers the opportunity to enjoy the dive site in full.


Thomas Reef dive site is the second reef in the Straits of Tiran. Famous for its Canyon is a dive spot completely different from the others and is located between Gordon and Woodhouse. Thomas Reef is the smallest one but absolutely the most interesting dive spot as is rich in marine life. Current in this dive site can be sometimes very strong with unpredictable changes in the direction.This dive is usually completed as Drift Dive and by gently descending against the reef you will encounter a great marine life which is typical of this dive spot; Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Giant Moray, Puffer Fish, multicolor Soft Corals and many Branching Corals.The ‘pearl’ of this dive site in Straits of Tiran are the famous ‘Three Thomas Arches’. The first one starts at approximately 35 metres depth and the last one is located around 90 metres. This specific dive site in Straits of Tiran is recommended to all Deep Divers and Technical divers.


This is the only dive site in the Straits of Tiran where we can find a sandy bottom area in just few metres which is suitable also for Snorkelling activity. In the south part this dive site is surrounded by a sandy plateau which has a depth between 3 and 20-22 metres.Continuing with the dive you will reach an amazing vertical wall where Green Turtles and Pelagic Fish such as White Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Sharks can be easily spotted. Gordon Reef dive site is distinguished by ”Louilla wreck”, which sunk there at the beginning of the 90’s; the whole front part is completely out of the water and the remaining part of the vessel is facing the open sea.Gordon Reef is a dive site suitable for all divers with different certification levels, is one of the most popular dive site in Sharm El Sheikh for underwater photography as current and visibility conditions are pretty much excellent all year round.


Jackson Reef dive site is located on the north part of The Straits of Tiran. The North side of the reef can be easily recognized by ‘Lara wreck’ that sunk at the beginning of the 80’s; what is left today is just a metal frame on the top of the dive site, where the entire boat is leaning against the reef at 70 metres depth.Jackson Reef is the most famous diving spot in the Straits of Tiran with a spectacular underwater garden in the internal side and a great dive in the blue in the outside part of the reef, where groups of Hammerhead Sharks, Mantas and Giant Tunas can be spotted during the Summer season.Current in Jackson Reef is quite variable especially at the end of the Garden, visibility is very good all year round also in the external part of the dive site where the dive in the blue takes part.
Jackson Reef dive site is one of the 10 dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh absolutely not to miss during your diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.

Ras Umm Sid

Ras Umm Sid is a Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites located in the South part of the resort. A very nice hill that offers a great view on the Red Sea.The reef is a colorful wall that starts at 8 metres depth and it reach the deep blue, It is completely covered from many different kind of Soft Corals, Gorgonias and thousand of fish. Ras Umm Sid dive site is one of the most beautiful Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites.An abundant marine life is present in all the dive site and just few metres out in the blue giant Tunas and many Jackfish can be easily spotted. Current has directional unexpected changes expecially on the north part of the dive site where the corner is.During the Summer season, Ras Umm Sid dive site is a great observatory spot for Whale Sharks, White Tip Reef Shark and Hammerhead Sharks.

Tower Canyon

Tower Reef is located in the cental-south part of Sharm El Sheikh. The dive site has a vertical crack where the dive starts. The Crack continue to a depth of 130 metres.The crack exit is at approximately 20 metres, the corner offers a great marine life where Pelagic Fish are passing by, Giant Tunas, Mantas, Eagle Rays, Grey Sharks are common.The sandy area has many pinnacles full of marine life, you will easily see Glass Fish, Clown Fish and different Nudibranchs.This dive site is recommended to Advanced divers and to all Technical Divers. Current is generally absent with a good visibility all year round.


The Gardens are situated in Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites central area, the dive site is composed on three different gardens not far from each other.Near Garden is the first garden and has a sandy bottom area where Turtles and Eagle Rays are easily spotted. The Garden of this dive site has many Fire Corals, Soft Corals and Gorgonians.Fiddle Garden is the second dive site with many pinnacles ending close to the reef wall where the dive starts. Leopard Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks are common in this dive site.Far Garden is the last one famous for his ‘Cathedral‘ at approximately 35 metres depth. The Cathedral is an accessible crack full of Gorgonians and Soft Corals. Current and visibility varies according to the season.

Ras Nasrani

Ras Nasrani is one of the last Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites, situated in the North part right in front of The Straits of Tiran.Ras Nasrani capture divers attention for his deep blue water. Soft Corals and Gorgonias are full of life and different colors.Great sightings frequently happens in this dive site such as Hammerhead Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Mantas and Giant Tunas.Current can be strong especially at the end of the dive site close to the corner. Visibility is generally good all year round.

Shark & Jolanda Reef

Considered one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, in the Summer season Shark & Yolanda Reef is a great dive site where to spot school of Snappers hunting during the morning.A boat dive is an experience not to miss during your diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.Current is generally strong and it gives a touch of thrill to this dive, you would like to spend hours underwater in this spot which is something any diver have to see.Shark Reef is a vertical wall connected to Yolanda Reef from the ‘saddle’, in this dive site Giant Morays and big Napoleon Wrasse are easily spotted, as well Pelagic fish such as Sharks can be seen in the blue. This dive is completed as Drift dive. Shark & Yolanda dive site got the name from Yolanda Cargo Vessel, that sunk in 1980 at an approximately depth of 160 metres. The remaining part of the cargo is situated in approximately 15-18 metres and can be visited during the dive.

Eel Garden

This dive site is located in the central part of Ras Mohammed national park, the dive is recommended to all Advanced divers as the depth exceed 25 metres.Jumping into the blue at 100 metres distance from the reef, thousands of Jackfish are swimming around during the hunting Summer season, a shoal appears from the bottom and is here where the ‘Eel Garden Canyon’ is.Current is generally strong with a good visibility all year round, this allow easy spotting as White Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Sharks.This dive site is highly recommended to Technical divers as it is possible to enjoy the Canyon in full and to dive also the Arch located after 40 metres.

Jackfish Alley

This Ras Mohamed national park dive site is different from all the others due to his morphology. ”Drift” dive is mandatory in this dive.A spectacular school of hunting Jackfish and Fusilier fish are common in this dive spot. The external part of the Satellite reef offers Mantas, White Tip Sharks, Black Tip Sharks and Grey Sharks.Jackfish Alley has also a small cave with easy access to all divers. Visibility is generally good exept few weeks during the Winter season.

Ras Ghozlani

Ras Ghozlani dive site is located in the north part of Ras Mohammed, offers a sandy bottom area with different pinnacles full of marine life such as Soft Corals, Fire Corals, Shrimps, and Nudibranchs.An accessible cave hosts groups of Glass Fish, the atmosphere inside the cave is ”special”, almost unreal.Eagle Rays, Mantas and Hammerhead Sharks are crossing after the sandy bottom area in the blue, the good visibility sometimes offers a great show.


The Thistlegorm is one of the most famous worldwide wreck dive sites. The wreck is located in Suez Gulf at approximately 2 hours navigation from Ras Mohammed National Park.The Thistlegorm was a British navy boat built in 1940, the vessel cargo was transporting ammunition, truks, motorbikes and part of Train. She set sail on her last voyage but on the ealry hours of 6th October 1941 was attacked by two German bombers. The vessel sunk in Shaa’b Ali area at a depth of 30 metres.Discoverd by Jacques Cousteau in the 50’s the wreck was kept as secret dive site untill the beginnig of the 90’s. The Thistlegorm is now one of the most famous wreck dive sites in the World.The stern is open and allows an easy entrance, motorbikes, trucks, boots, ammunition, are preserved like in a museum. The grapeshot on the main deck is the symbol of this World War II ship.The dive site is exposed to directional winds and strong currents, expecially during the first 15 metres. Due to this conditions and the depth of the dive site which is 30 metres, that this wreck dive sites is recommended to Advanced divers with a minimum of 20 logged dives.The trip has an early start, around 5am and it’s a full day diving trip till 5pm.


Completely built in wood in 1873, the Dunraven vessel was loaded with Indian spices and cotton, due to a navigation error the Dunraven hit the reef. Some stories also tell that a fight on board was the real collission’s reason. The vessel went into flames and sunk upside down in Shaa’b Mahmoud at a depth of 30 metres.Discovered in 1977 the Dunraven is one of the Sharm El Sheikh wreck dive sites that offers the most easy access due to his upside down position.Entering from the prow groups of Glass Fish and Bat Fish are swimming all around. The stern is completely covered with soft corals. The cargo was entirely lost, what is left today are the boilers at the entrance.Leaving the Dunraven wreck, the dive continues on Beacon Rock, a very nice coral wall well known to divers as many Stone Fish are easily spotted.

Million Hope

The Million Hope was a Japanese vessel built in 1972, 170 metres long and 25 metres wide, the Million Hope was carrying potassium and phosphates barrels.The Million Hope is the biggest wreck in the Red Sea. On 20th June 1996, crossing the Straits of Tiran the Million Hope vessel hit the reef and went on flames. The 25 crew members were all rescued.Sharm El Sheikh wreck dive sites Million HopeThe dive starts outside the stern where thousands of Nudibranchs are populating the area. The main deck hosts Crocodile Fish. Crew rooms are open and the on board work-shop complete with tools is very well preserved. This wreck dive site has a depth between 6 and 20 metres.