You too can choose to dive with Sharm Scuba Service! Best Diving Clubs and Diving Schools in Italy have chosen us!

Do not be surprised then if, while on board M/Y NAUSICAA or M/Y NICOLE excursions, you’ll feel right at home… Our Italian guide will make you discover a world of colors, and stunning coral fish, all surrounded with the professionalism and friendliness of all time!
The typically Italian dining will make you feel at home and the only moment of despair will came only at the end of holiday for the inevitable return!


Sharm Scuba Service has a team of highly qualified instructors who will teach you the art of diving and will share with you their passion for the Red Sea.
With our diving courses you will learn how to feel comfortable under water, the basic techniques of diving and most importantly, how to dive responsibly, safeguarding the fragile marine environment balance. We offer diving courses from Open Water Diver up to Instructor level. For the more demanding ones, a wide range of Technical Courses that teach you the use of gas mixtures such as Trimix and pure Oxygen.

The Red Sea is famous for underwater marine life, thousands of coloured fish and beautiful corals
But you never tried Scuba Diving before…Sharm Scuba Service offers 2 different programs to let you discover the underwater world.

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Limited time available during your holiday but you still wish to be a certified diver? With our Scuba Diver Course you will be a certified diver in just 2-3 days.

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In just 3-4 days with our Open Water Course you will be able to complete the first certification level. To become an Open Water Diver has never been that easy. Take home with you your first diving certification card!! Sharm Scuba Service offers high quality training standards. Our classes are available every day with a Team of International instructors and International recognized certifications.

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The objective of Specialty courses is to increase and refine your diving experience. Already from Open Water diver certification onwards you’ll have the possibility to access different specialty courses. Learn to dive with Enriched air Nitrox, learn to plan Deep dives up to 40 meters, refine your buoyancy control. Do not forget that with five completed specialties, 50 logged dives logged and Rescue Diver course completed, you can request the Master Scuba Diver certification level! The specialty courses are many and all different! We have the possibility to offer more than 10 different specialties!!

The objective of the Divemaster course is to develop in full your overall diving skills up to a professional level. At the end of the Divemaster course you will be on the first step of your professional diving career.

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Sharm Scuba Service wants you to get the best out of your Red Sea diving experience and that is why we encourage you to sign up for PADI e-learning. There are various digital learning packs; e-books, e-learning and the latest touch series products for a number of PADI key courses.

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Sharm El Sheikh Local Dive sites are more than 20, Sharm Scuba Service offers daily boat diving out to the most popular spots. Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites area is divided in North, Central and South. Starting from the Northeast point of Ras Nasrani until the Southeast point of Ras Kathy and Temple Bay. All the dives are suitable for all certification levels. Protected Bays are offering excellent conditions for ”Introductory boat dive”. For those who wish to spend a relaxing day on board, Sharm El Sheikh Local dive sites are the best option.

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The Straits of Tiran is a passage in Aqaba Gulf, located between Tiran Island and the Sinai Peninsula. In this point the distance between Sinai Peninsula and Arab Peninsula is just 20 Km. The Straits of Tiran divides Aqaba Gulf from the Red Sea. Exactly in this location between Tiran Island and the north coast of Sharm El Sheikh that we have the best dive sites of this area. The sea morphology gave to divers the opportunity to discover four breathtaking dive sites all different from each other as for colours, morphology and marine life.

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Ras Mohammed National Park is located in the south part of Sinai Peninsula where directional currents from Suez and Aqaba Gulfs are creating a special environment for thousands of fish. In 1983 the Egyptian Government declared all the area as National Park, this site became the most famous dive site in the Red Sea.Inside the National Park of Ras Mohamed we have more then 12 different dive sites, listed as South and North part; Sharm Scuba Service offers daily boat diving out to the most popular dive sites in all the area.

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Sharm El Sheikh offers famous wreck dive sites, which are well known to divers for the great beauty and historical atmosphere. The most famous wreck dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh are: SS Thistlegorm located in Shaa’b Ali, Dunraven that sunk in Shaa’b Mahmoud, Kormoran in the Straits of Tiran, Million Hope in Aqaba Gulf. Sharm Scuba Service with his experience since 1996 in the Red Sea offers trips to all wreck dive sites every week. High quality service is guaranteed.

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Dahab dive sites are located in a great place, a land between the Red Sea crystal clear water and the warm atmosphere of the Sinai mountains. The day diving in Dahab includes private transfer by shuttle bus (1 hour approx.) and 2 guided dives in 2 different dive sites. Our dive guide will show you the best of the underwater Dahab dive sites offering high professional service in a friendly atmosphere. During the afternoon our guests can enjoy a couple of free hours for shopping and relax in the town. Sharm Scuba Service offers diving trips to Dahab every week.

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The Technical Diving is an underwater sport "extreme", enables qualified and experienced divers to dive deeper than conventional limits of recreational diving. Technical diving involves a dedicated type of equipment and increased training, targeted to better manage the additional risks that this type of diving entails. Technical diving is not for everyone, but only for those who feel the call. The Technical Courses we offer are the answer. The Underwater technique is different than conventional underwater. The main features are:

  • Dives beyond 40 meters deep
  • Stages of mandatory decompression
  • Decompression accelerated with the use of various mixtures of gases, variables during the dive

The Tec Divers sometimes use methods and technology which, combined with proper training will give the ability to manage major emergencies. However we remind you that the Technical Diving is not for everyone and that all technical diving have declared a higher risk, potential hazards and less chance of error with respect to recreational diving.

The Tec Diving does not only mean a greater risk but specifically requires a greater effort both physically and psychologically, more discipline on the part of the diver as well as additional equipment. As we have said we are not for everyone and some of you, even though you are excellent and established divers, probably never will do a technical dive in your whole life.

That said, there is a small amount of divers who want to visit sites where we were able to immerse only a select few. Spectacular and intact wrecks are backed at depths above 40 meters. The walls over 40 meters are home to organisms that proliferate only at such depths. The Canyon and the Caves the Red Sea offers are just the 'beginning for your new adventure in the world of Technical Diving. Other people, focus on the challenge and the desire to practice technical diving. Still others like to engage with the latest technologies. These are the main reasons that make engaging technical diving and create a small group of enthusiasts who always plan new exploration and practice this discipline methodically and responsibility.

The Tec Diving uses more gears than the Recreational Diving. During the Technical Diving are used a minimum of 2 regulators, usually BCD double bag, a computer flanked by tables in case of device failure, some more doubles accessories such as signaling balloon, knife etc .. Always check at the Diving with whom do Diving Techniques that redundant systems and that there are equipment for emergency management are respected.

The fun part of the Technical Diving is the evolution continues its commitment. You will find yourself to dive deeper and for a longer time than any other diver has ever done. To plan missions, search for new sites, visit ever seen wrecks before and canyons ever discovered will make aware of the risks but also the satisfaction that this discipline entails. Usually the Technical Diving create a small niche industry where a small group of Technical Divers gather to discover new sites and explore them together.