The Technical Diving is an underwater sport “extreme”, enables qualified and experienced divers to dive deeper than conventional limits of recreational diving. Technical diving involves a dedicated type of equipment and increased training, targeted to better manage the additional risks that this type of diving entails. Technical diving is not for everyone, but only for those who feel the call. The Technical Courses we offer are the answer.
The Underwater technique is different than conventional underwater.
The main features are:

  • Dives beyond 40 meters deep

  • Stages of mandatory decompression

  • Decompression accelerated with the use of various mixtures of gases, variables during the dive

The Tec Divers sometimes use methods and technology which, combined with proper training will give the ability to manage major emergencies. However we remind you that the Technical Diving is not for everyone and that all technical diving have declared a higher risk, potential hazards and less chance of error with respect to recreational diving.