The Tec Diving does not only mean a greater risk but specifically requires a greater effort both physically and psychologically, more discipline on the part of the diver as well as additional equipment. As we have said we are not for everyone and some of you, even though you are excellent and established divers, probably never will do a technical dive in your whole life.

That said, there is a small amount of divers who want to visit sites where we were able to immerse only a select few. Spectacular and intact wrecks are backed at depths above 40 meters. The walls over 40 meters are home to organisms that proliferate only at such depths. The Canyon and the Caves the Red Sea offers are just the ‘beginning for your new adventure in the world of Technical Diving. Other people, focus on the challenge and the desire to practice technical diving. Still others like to engage with the latest technologies. These are the main reasons that make engaging technical diving and create a small group of enthusiasts who always plan new exploration and practice this discipline methodically and responsibility.